Beautiful Finished Projects!

We had quite a few finished projects today!

5th grader bunny.

We started out with the completion of this cute little bunny!

Bunny face close up.

Just look at his cute little face!

Two bunnies!

Another bunny joined us at camp today.  One of our students went home yesterday and created the cute bunny on the left all by herself at home and then brought him to play with us today!

Sleeping bunny.

After about half a morning of sewing camp, bunny needed a nap so another camper donated her handmade quilt for bunny to snuggle with.

6th grader backback.

A very lovely backpack was finished - these backpacks are fully lined and include a casing for the drawstring closure.

4th grader froggy.

Such a cute froggy made a debut in camp today.

1st grader quilt.

This young sewing enthusiast finished her quilt this morning.  Isn't it beautiful?!

4th grader backpack.

Here is a second backpack that was completed today.  I LOVE this bird fabric!

Starting an innovative design.

This 7th grader is creating her own pattern for a shirt.  Shortly after this photo was taken, her fabric was chosen, cut and she started sewing - I can't wait to see the outcome.  Maybe she will let me use the pattern she created for future camps or classes.

7th grader patchwork pillow.

This started out as a quilt but as this camper neared the finish line she decided she would much rather have a pillow.  I think she will be very happy with her pillow.

5th grader pillow case.

This student worked very hard on her pillow case and it turned out fabulously!

Bunny couch.

Bunny must have a couch to relax in after a hard day at camp!

4th grader bunny couch.

This couch was designed and sewn completely by a 4th grader - simply impressive!  She did such a wonderful job from her first idea to the execution of her design!

Bunny carrot.

Bunny must have a snack to make it through a whole morning of sewing!