Sewing Camp Wrap Up

Sewing Camp is finished for the week. Every one finished their projects!! WooHoo!

4th grader "square" bunny.

This camper was going to make a square pillow, but at the last moment, decided to change it into a bunny!  Lookin' good!

Cute little cotton tail!"Tux"

Our furry little helper, "Tux", stayed out too late last night and slept through camp this morning :o)

6th grader bias tape.

This camper is making a shirt of her own design.  She wanted bias tape to go around the neck edge and the arm holes of the shirt and she wanted it in matching fabric.  She decided to make her own!

Self bias tape neckline.

Here is that same bias tape sewn around the neckline of her shirt.

6th grader self-designed shirt.

What a lovely shirt!!  This was designed and sewn by this camper-GREAT job!  The only thing left is to sew her bias binding onto the arm holes.  I can't wait to see it finished.

Starting a new project.

This camper finished a project first thing this morning and decided there was enough time to work on something else.

Finishing up projects.Picking yarn for antennae.Working away.4th grader "face" pillow."Hey, look at my ears!"4th grader self-designed butterfly pillow.1st grader bunny pillow.5th grader bear pillow.Embroidery details.Cute fleece pillow with "knots" on the corners.5th grader bean bag.5th grader bunny.5th grader pillow.

Such a fun time was had by all this week!  I can't wait for sewing camp next week!