Another Week of Sewing Camp Begins!

Today we started our last week of sewing camp for the summer.

New students learning to use the machines.

Students new to our sewing classes usually spend the first 15 minutes or so learning to work our sewing machines.


Once the students are comfortable on the machines, they start their projects.

Finishing up.

Students who were here last week continue to work on things that they started previously.

Creating new patterns.

This student saw a pillow that I had knit and she wants to make a fabric one just like it.  Here she is drafting a pattern for her idea.

New projects.

Everyone is working on something different.  These students all get to choose whatever project they want.  They then pick fabric and get started.


Except for Tux, who obviously needs rest and the yarn basket is the perfect place to take a nap!

Tux getting some attention.

Tux is never without someone paying attention to her and she loves it!

Coloring fabric with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.

After break time we worked on creating some fun fabric which will be turned into pincushions.

More pincushion fabric.4th grader couch and pillow.

Some students just use their imaginations when making projects.  Here we have a couch and pillow.

4th grader "face" pillow.

This is so cute!  The face is totally freehand.

3rd grader sachet.5th grader sachet.7th grader sachet.6th grader sachet.4th grader pocket.

This student decided to make something on her own.  She created a pocket with a handle - how very creative and original!

4th grader cyclops bunny!

This is also a student original!  Pretty cute!