So Much Sewing!

We are having a super fun time each and every day in camp!

Pin cushions.

These are our pin cushions that we made with our colored fabric.

Pin Cushions.

Aren't they beautiful?!

6th grader quilt.Break time with "Tangerine" the hamster.Hand Sewing with broken fingers!!Tux taking a break on the waistband of an apron.Tux taking a break - she needed a blanket to be truly comfortable.4th grader pillow.4th grader designed bag.7th grader heart pillow and seal stuffie.5th grader apron.We celebrated a birthday today in camp!  Happy Birthday!!Sewing and chatting.Working on projects.5th grader puppy.4th grader puppy.4th grader puppy bed with a pillow.3rd grader quilt.4th grader quilted pillow.7th grader bubble letters.3rd grader mini-panda.Close-up of mini-panda.5th grader pillow.4th grader "Spot" dog.

PHEW!  WOW!!  These students are busy, busy, busy!