Amazing Projects To The Very End!

Campers were working hard today to finish their projects!  Those that had finished yesterday, started new projects and most of them finished as well!

Starting a new project.4th grader mini puppy.3rd grader pieced pillow.6th grader "Spot" dog.4th grader "Spot" dog.4th grader bunny.4th grader pillow.5th grader blanket.4th grader bunny.4th grader mini bunny (palm sized)5th grader bunny.3rd grader bunny.4th grader bean bag."Kate" the dog.

Even Kate made an appearance today!  She was sleeping so peacefully, but one of the campers felt she might be a little cold so they gave her a "blanket".

This was our last class for the summer.  Stay tuned for our fall class schedule!