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Girl Scout Jewelry Making Workshop!

We had so much fun this morning in our Girl Scout Jewelry Making Workshop!  So many beautiful beads!  We got started right away making necklaces.

Necklaces!Snowman earrings.

Then moved onto some cute little snowman earrings.


Bookmarks were next, because you can never have too many bookmarks!


We closed up our workshop with bracelets.

Such a fun and fabulous workshop.

Girl Scout Sewing Workshop

A little while ago, I led a Girl Scout Sewing Workshop that was tons of fun!  I had to come up with an idea that they could complete in one session so I created the Lined Book Bag (click on the link to go to the tutorial).  There were 12 girls who came to our workshop - only one of those knew how to sew.Practicing.The first order of business was to show the girls how to use the machines.  Then they practiced on scrap pieces of fabric until they got the hang of sewing a straight line.  This usually only takes about 20 minutes.Sewing bags.

After picking their fabric for the bags, they got started right away.  Then they were off an running!


The girls also learned to use an iron safely - a very important skill to have!

More sewing.Finished!Ta Da!

All 12 girls went home with finished book bags!  What a great group they are!