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Adult Sewing Today

Today was a great day in sewing for everyone!!Lined tote bag finish!Lined tote bag finishLined tote bag finishAren't these tote bags cute!!  They are also very functional and have an added bonus of teaching many of the basic sewing skills in a fun and useful way.Work on Tote bags.Working on hemming curtains and planning out a pattern.More sewingOur studio does it all!  Beginners and advanced, using patterns, drafting patterns, mending - we teach it all!

Free Pattern!!

As promised earlier in the week on our Facebook page, here is the free pattern for a Small Fabric Elephant.

Small Fabric Elephant

Isn't he just the cutest?!  And you can whip him up in an afternoon.  Any fabric will work, so any little remnant that you have lying around can be used.

Small Fabric Elephant Instructions-Page 1Small Fabric Elephant Instructions-Page 2Small Fabric Elephant-Pattern

I hope you like it!!

Small Fabric Elephant