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Birthday Parties at Let's Go Crafting

Let's Go Crafting helps you host your child's birthday party. We provide all the supplies and materials necessary for the party and you get to sit back and relax! For the party this past Saturday, the birthday girl chose a panda bear stuffed animal for her project. All the party goers made one and were thrilled!

We precut all the fabrics so the party can get right to sewing. There is usually a combination of hand and machine sewing. Children as young as 8 years old can do this!

Everyone goes home with a finished project! This is such a fun birthday party and one that is different than most! Let us know if we can host your child's next party!

Birthday Party!

We organized another fun-filled birthday party this past weekend!

Before a party we get all set up.Before any party, we make sure all the pieces necessary for the project and the tools needed are all set up and ready to go.Attaching the eyes.

Once the guests arrive, they pick their fabrics and get started right away.  Here they are cutting out and attaching the eyes.

So Cute!I don't know how they do it, but each student manages to pick the perfect eyes to go with their owl.Snack time on the patio.Chatting and eating.Back to work.Finishing touches.Hand sewing together.Creative additions.

Each owl turns out different and totally cute.  Some of the party goers decided to add embellishments to their owls.  I really love when this happens!

Fronts.Tail feathers added.

Such cute tail feathers!

Such a fun time!