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Fabric Painted Pillows Done!

Our fabric painted pillows are done!!  And they look great!  First we removed the freezer paper from the fabric and then we picked fabric for the pillow backing.Picking fabric for the backs of the pillows.After cutting and pinning...Sewing up their pillows.We sewed up our pillows, then ironed them and stuffed them.  They all turned out great!  And they are all so different from each other.6th grader fabric painted pillow.4th grader fabric painted pillow.4th grader fabric painted pillow.4th grader fabric painted pillow.7th grader painted pillow6th grader painted pillow.6th grader fabric painted pillow.7th grader fabric painted pillow.3rd grader fabric painted pillow.3rd grader fabric painted pillow.All the campers were thrilled with their pillows!  Many other things got done today as well.6th grader "H" pillow.This camper was making letter pillows for family and friends.Ironing!This camper is finishing up her jammies.  In this picture, she is working on her waistband which is now complete.  Tomorrow she will hem them and they will be done.6th grader "Blockhead" pillow.Such cute fabric - and look at those prairie points at the top.  They are perfect!Close up of the embroidered face.6th grader "K" pillow.4th grader bunny pillow.6th grader bag - to hold all her letter pillows from yesterday :o).6th grader starting a pillow for her sister.Finishing up tiny projects.These two students have spent all their camp time standing at the table working on their various projects.  Such small projects require great concentration, lots of fine motor skills for all those tiny stitches and loads of patience.Starting another project.Nothing better than picking fabric and starting a new project.4th grader owl bag.This student decided to turn the owl pillow pattern into a bag.  I love her fabric choices and just look at the buttons she chose!  Cute, cute, cute!3rd grader elephant coin purse.This 3rd grader is amazing.  The coin purse is also a very small project that cannot be sewn on the sewing machine.  It is all hand sewn and has a zipper inserted into the top.3rd grader elephant coin purse.Tomorrow she wants to make a strap for it.  I love how these students take a pattern and put their own spin on things to make it just the way they want.6th grader original mushroom pillow.A pillow of her own design.  Recognize that fabric?  It's some of the left overs from her robe :o)  Take a look at the photo bomb of  our other student having some fun.Fun, fun, fun!!